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I like strange things

hospitality assignment April 15, 2016 at 6:58 pm | No comment

essay on christmas Just thought I’d share a couple of weird, bizarre and morbid things that I just added to my collection of oddities.

help with religious studies homework I recently went to Hollywood Ca. (where I used to live) and came across a guy who has a little museum and runs a tour called “The Tragical History Tour”. The tour is actually really cool (if you’re a little off like I am)…You visit famous crime scenes and places around Los Angeles where different celebrities have met unfortunate fates. This guy also collects things that are from the actual site, or that belong to the person who died..Example: He owns the wreaked car that Jayne Mansfield died in, a bed post from the bed that Rock Hudson died in, the door of the hotel room that Divine (from the John Waters films) died in, a piece of tile from the pantry where Robert Kennedy lay after he was shot and actual police crime scene tape from the Nicole Brown Simpson murder (all verified and documented)

get help with coursework Anyway, to make a long story short I obtained from him these two twisted souvenirs…

enter A piece of the stone fireplace from Sharon Tate’s house (If you don’t know who she was or why this is so creepy and cool I’m not going to explain) And Also…

dissertation for mba marketing An actual piece of the plane (although a very small piece) that John Denver was flying when he crashed into the ocean and died in Monterey, California in 1997.

next So there you go. Just goes to show you that you never know what I will bring home on any given day (and hang on my wall…yep I’m that freakin strange)

see Gary Dean Hathaway

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