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Why I’m leaving Facebook

October 6, 2012 at 4:47 pm | No comment

There should be some mystery in life. Sometimes what’s not seen or not completely understood is the most alluring! I miss that!

I miss not knowing…That might sound a bit crazy, but for me personally it’s true. Unfortunately I found that Facebook runs totally counter to those feelings.

I decided to try an experiment recently. I did not log in to Facebook at all for the past 4 months. I took the app off my phone, disconnected any notifications and entered into a world of sweet ignorant bliss….and I have to say, I didn’t miss it one bit. Then I logged in today to look at the splendor that 1 billion other people look at on a daily (hourly) basis and it made me kind of sick to my stomach! (think of Malcolm McDowell in “A Clockwork Orange”)

I didn’t care!…I didn’t want to know!…I have already learned way too much about some people that I wish that I hadn’t thanks to Facebook, and after 4 months away, upon return it all just seemed like a never ending loop of the same stuff. So anyway, the result of my experiment is that I’m going to just delete my account in about a week from now and join the ranks of the Facebookless.

I’m not dropping off the social network grid all together. I still have a Twitter and an Instagram account. For some reason (as of right now anyway) I find those to be much more fun and a lot less stressful…I think there might be something about those sights that are inherently more appealing to introverts such as myself. I also have the outlet of my Best in Travels website where if I feel the need to ramble or share something with the world I can do it here.

I wanted to post this blog so that I could give anyone who wanted it alternate ways to contact me or follow my shenanigans (It’s amazing how we’ve leaned on Facebook as our sole source of communications between friends and family the past few years…I don’t think that’s a good thing in the long run)

There are many more and much deeper reasons why I’m leaving Facebook (privacy concerns, peoples stupid political opinions, wasted time and just the general direction the site is headed to name a few) but I don’t need to go into detail about them. After all if you are a user you know full well why,  you just haven’t reached your breaking point yet.

To all of my old West High School friends that I’ve reconnected with, my old Navy buddies and USS Cushing shipmates (and I don’t mean old in the sense that we’re….um, wait…ok, never mind) I hope all of you stay in touch. That is the one extremely positive thing that has come from Facebook. The ability to connect with people that you thought would just be a memory in your life at this point.

I’ve made this long enough so I’ll shut up now…If you were on my Facebook friends list you had at one time or another touched my life and meant something special to me…I want to be friends now with out the word Facebook proceeding it. That feels more real and I like the sound of that much better!

Here are 5 ways to stay in touch:

1. Email me at or

2. Twitter:

3. Instagram: username…garydeanhathaway

4. Text me!…If you don’t have my number just email me and I’ll give it to you.

5. Bookmark my website: …..(also this website has a Twitter account at

Love you all and I’ll see you in the real world,

Gary Dean Hathaway










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